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WipeDrive is the best solution for the secure data erasure of all types of IT assets like hard drives, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. Permanent erasure of sensitive data at the end of the devices use is an essential step in your data security policy. With versatile deployment options and secure log reports, let WipeDrive give you the peace of mind that the data is really gone. Don’t forget to wipe your assets.

Securely Erase
All IT Assets

For 24 years WipeDrive has been the best solution for the secure data sanitization of all types of IT assets. Whether it is SSDs, HDDs, NVMe drives, workstations, laptops, servers, and mobile devices, WipeDrive will secure erase all data. With versatile deployment options and secure log reports, let WipeDrive give you the peace of mind that the data is really gone.

Proven Erasure on Data-Bearing Devices with Global Clients


Whether you need to sanitize one computer or a thousand networked drives,  WipeDrive has the correct deployment.


Customize your functionality with dozens of configuration options, including encrypted reporting options for every device.


WipeDrive can wipe Mac OS, Linux, and Windows devices. Supports the latest NVME drives and all SSD types. PC, laptops, servers & mobile.

software tools ensure performance

Software tools that are not certified present a clear and present danger to organizations.

There is a significant difference between software tools that claim to comply with NIST 800:88 R1 and DoD 5220.22-M2 standards and WipeDrive that has received Common Criteria EAL2+, ADISA and NYCE certification.


Game changer.

"We have been wiping desktop and notebooks with WipeDrive for a number of years and have seen no reason to ever change."

Kevin K.

Technology Buyer/Asset Disposition


Best erasure software available.

"In addition to providing the best erasure software available, WipeDrive helped us customize the software to integrate seamlessly with our internal systems. It has had a substantial impact in increasing our operational efficiency and security."

Andy Bickley, Technical Operations Manager



Securely handle our data destruction.

"WipeDrive Enterprise allowed us to efficiently and securely handle all our data destruction requirements. We cannot have any issues with data spills, with the process and audit logging we're able to make sure they don't happen."

Senior VP IP Infrastructure


A deletion solution for
every industry.

The companies we work with come in all sizes and have diverse needs. Whether you need to wipe a few drives or a few thousand drives WipeDrive is NIST 800:88 R1 compliant and provides encrypted reports. Data center? ITAD/AMS? Government Agency? WipeDrive will work for your environment.

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