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Thanks for visiting our virtual booth. WipeDrive is an industry leader with over 24 years of experience providing data erasure, diagnostic, and verification software. Our flagship product, WipeDrive Enterprise, is the preferred method of erasing retired or recycled drives for Data Centers, ITADs, government agencies and corporations. It has always been our goal to offer our clients the best solutions for their data erasure needs. WipeDrive’s software is both highly customizable and highly certified, giving you the peace of mind to know your data is really gone. Don’t forget to wipe your assets.

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How much money are you shredding?

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Many companies still physically destroy old hard drives as part of their IT retirement process. There are many issues with this approach, including the environmental impact and data security concerns. But have you considered how much money you are losing with physical destruction?

verification software


Use VeriDrive to independently verify that drives and media have been wiped properly, leaving no recoverable data, to ensure the security of your information.


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Listen to the WipeDrive sponsored show, Data Management Podcast, where we discuss everything data. From information security and data privacy law to the latest developments technology.

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WipeDrive Certifications

WipeDrive’s EAL 2+ Certification and other certifications means that it complies with all of the U.S. and international disk wiping standards below.
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Why is certification important?

There is a significant difference between software claiming to comply with standards and the National Security Agency (NSA) certifying compliance. We don’t believe our customers should have to verify that our software does what we claim, so we are Certified by Common Criteria to EAL 2+. This in depth certification verifies that WipeDrive works the way it is designed.

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