ADISA Certification

The ADISA certification process is multi-layered and requires testing a Solid State Storage Device chip set against known threats and data residue after it has been securely overwritten by WipeDrive.


Launched in 2010, The Asset Disposal and Information Security
Alliance (ADISA) is an organization that recommends standards for
safely disposing IT equipment while minimizing the risk of exposure
and misuse of any sensitive data stored on that equipment.


In conjunction with leading forensic test facilities and under the oversight of Professor Andrew Blyth the
ADISA product claims test service is designed to help verify the claims made about data sanitization
tools. The testing process is underpinned by the ADISA Threat Matrix. The threat matrix defines a series
of capabilities and risks that various threat agents can pose on the security of a device.
WipeDrive software was evaluated by ADISA at a test level 1 and level 2. This includes everything from
low level opportunistic threat actors using freeware, OS tools and COTS product, all the way up to
commercial data recovery and computer forensics organization able to mount destructive software and
hardware attacks.


White Canyon’s software called Wipedrive Enterprise 8.1.4, when
used in accordance with User Manual, and using NIST 800.88 wipe
pattern, will overwrite all available data on the hardware sample
within this test to protect to a forensic attack equivalent to test level 1
and 2 of the ADISA threat matrix.


WipeDrive Enterprise passed certification for SSD. This means wiping
storage devices with WipeDrive mitigates the threat posed by Threat
Actors holding the capabilities to a test level 1 and 2.
For more information and to see our product claims testing certificate,

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WipeDrive Certifications

WipeDrive’s EAL 2+ Certification means that it complies with all of the following U.S. and international disk wiping standards: