Remove the data, remove the risk! Securely & Permanently Erase Hard Drives With WipeDrive Enterprise.

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Custom Build Configuration Access

Freedom To Modify Custom Config Files

WipeDrive is the global leader in drive erasure. Deployed throughout the world in many environments, WipeDrive can be customized to work specifically for a customer’s internal requirements. This customization provides a strategic advantage for WipeDrive. Many competitors in the data sanitization industry provide locked custom builds that only the vendor can modify. WipeDrive has found this causes multiple customer delays and is a source of major frustration for IT managers and ITADs.

Customizations allow clients to make efficiency improvements that save on cost and redundancy in their process. Access to custom builds has been limited by many data erasure tools but WipeDrive Enterprise has opened the customization file to allow client’s modification and distribution. This will allow you to edit all settings; from language settings to RAID options.

The ability for clients to configure WipeDrive is included with the Enterprise license and the custom options are provided to each client. Here small number of the WipeDrive Enterprise customizations:

Example Of Custom Build Options

  • Set the specific display language that WipeDrive uses.
  • Disable TRIM
  • Disable ATA SecureErase Command
  • Set the number of times the user shouldbe prompted to confirm a wipe
  • Fail Drive on Error threshold
  • Remove ability to cancel wipe
  • Audible notification that a wipe has completed
  • CDROM tray eject notification that a wipe has completed
  • Limit WipeDrive to only erasing USB drives
  • Limit WipeDrive from erasing USB drives
  • Limit WipeDrive from erasing Windows OS drives
  • Wipe Pattern selection
  • Put a machine into sleep/suspended mode to remove drive protections (DCO)
  • Select audit report type
  • Select audit report location
  • Configure a specific log filename
  • Generate a single text file for audit reports
  • Save audit reports to a local folder
  • Create cryptographic verifiable audit reports
  • Set a custom Subject for email audit reports
  • Database credentials
  • Samba credentials
  • Custom Field Prompts
  • Custom Field Naming
  • Automatically disassemble RAID
  • Failure if wipe does not meet NIST
  • Run a captive short SMART self test before beginning the wipe
  • Add signature to sectors 0, 1 and the last sector
  • Consolidate all drives in one machine to one audit report
  • Create a bootable wipe report
  • Reset the drive’s encryption key both pre- and post-wipe.

The freedom to change custom configurations in WipeDrive will allow you to have faster turnaround times and get builds out to your locations faster. You’ll have full access to all the custom configurations – just a small sample are listed above – so you can deploy custom builds immediately throughout your organization.

Distributing Custom WipeDrive ISOs

When you’ve made changes to your custom build it can be rebuilt into an ISO and distributed throughout your organization. The ISO can be distributed on an internal network or mounted to CD and USB for easy distribution to technicians and global locations. This will ensure wipe processes are standard across your organization with the correct build which ensures your data security policy is accurately implemented.

Secure Data Erasure Policy

Internal data erasure policies mature over time. As technological advances and new methods of data attacks occur, it is important that the data erasure policy continually improves to meet these new threats. The erasure software tool selected to fulfill the policy must also continually improve. WipeDrive Enterprise uses cutting edge technology to be compatible with all new devices, ATA standards and NIST requirements. WipeDrive also provides the user the ability to make changes to their custom builds so organizations can stay lean and effective without delays from 3rd party vendors.

Why WipeDrive Enterprise?

WipeDrive Enterprise provides clients with the freedom to manage their audit reports and customize their builds. With global certifications and a proven data sanitization solution by many of the largest corporations in the world, WipeDrive provides trust that all data is securely expunge on platter-based, flash-based NVMe drives and USB sticks. Find out why more corporations and organizations use WipeDrive than any other data tool, contact our Sales Team at 801.224.8900.

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