Remove the data, remove the risk! Securely & Permanently Erase Hard Drives With WipeDrive Enterprise.

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Data In A Work From Home Environment

Most companies have a data-security policy in place. However, those policies generally deal with company data being kept on company computers, on the company network and on the company property. When workers went remote, they began handling company data off-site, often with personal computers. It has created a new concern for Data Security Officers (DSO) everywhere. Now that businesses have adjusted to the new normal the security vulnerability created by remote workers must be addressed, and WipeDrive Remote Office Solutions do just that.

Why Do Businesses Need To Be Alarmed About Data?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a company’s data is not valuable. We can all agree that certain types of data, credit card details, SSN, and personal medical data are sensitive and need to be handled carefully. But these are not the only types of data that enterprises need to be concerned about protecting. Any customer data that leaks can should be a cause for concern, including contact information and purchase history. Other vulnerable data includes company financials, proprietary product info, trade secrets and business plans. Data breaches of any kind, no matter how small, can also bring bad publicity to a corporation, and can follow it for years. (For example, the Target Credit Card breach in 2015)1. In short, all data has value when it gets into the wrong hands and steps need to be taken to protect it.

WipeDrive’s Remote Office Solutions

WipeDrive Enterprise

What It Does: WipeDrive Enterprise will securely erase all data from a device, leaving it unrecoverable, even with sophisticated forensic recovery methods. This includes all data, programs, and the operating system. Our data erasure techniques have been certified by multiple regulatory entities both foreign and domestic. Each wipe includes a certified report for proof of wipe that can be used for tracking, and inventory audits.

When You Need It: We recommend using WipeDrive Enterprise anytime a device has reached its end-of-life or is reallocated. Once wiped the device is ready for a corporate image to be placed on it. This is the best way to ensure data is not inadvertently leaked when a device is re-assigned to another employee, resold, donated or scrapped.

WipeDrive Prime

What It Does: WipeDrive Prime is a special installation of WipeDrive. It is installed in advance, typically within the corporate Gold Master image when a device is first issued to an employee. At the end of life or lease, the employee can access WipeDrive, enter the activation code provided by their IT Dept and securely erase the computer.

When WipeDrive completes, the OS and all data is securely erased and a QR code is displayed on the monitor. This QR code links to a full certificate of destruction. Any tech can scan this code with their phone and receive confirmation that the wipe is complete. The computer can then be moved to another location, returned from lease, resold, or destroyed. (We hope most organizations improve the circular economy by NOT destroying their IT assets)

Wherever the computer is moved to, when it is booted up, the QR code will be displayed on the computer until a new operating system is installed. This allows the computer to be spot-checked in warehouses, storage facilities and any other locations it arrives at during the end of life retirement process.

WipeDrive Prime shortens the chain-of-custody risks allowing sensitive data to be removed quickly and reduces the chances of data leaks.

When You Need It: This is recommended for any computer or laptop issued be the company that will be used outside of company property, such as remote offices and for frequent business travelers


What It Does: SystemSaver is designed to remove all user-created data, user history, and cached data saved to the computer, while leaving the Windows operating system and applications intact. SystemSaver is run by the employee with an activation code provided by the IT department. When the clean completes, the Windows operating system will have a new User account and all previous data will be eradicated.

When You Need It: For small businesses that do not have Gold Master Image and need to securely reallocate computers between employees without having to reinstall or re-image each machine and without compromising corporate or personal data. SystemSaver can also be implemented on home computers when they employee returns to the office.

For more information on data security and data erasure products, please contact WipeDrive at 801.224.8900.

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