Remove the data, remove the risk! Securely & Permanently Erase Hard Drives With WipeDrive Enterprise.

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RMA Savings: Data Erasure Vs. Onsite Storage Of Old IT Assets

Very often, these assets sit in onsite storage waiting for data erasure or destruction. By using certified data erasure solutions like WipeDrive, your business can reclaim the value of failed hard drives that are still under warranty and destroy the data on obsolete drives without shipping equipment off for physical destruction.

Software based erasure can help your organization save money on RMA shipping costs and prevent the catastrophic loss of a data breach if physical data destruction methods fail.

Reducing IT RMA Costs With Secure Erasure Software

Your business may need to permanently erase data from failed hard drives to remain in regulatory compliance for your industry. Even if this is not a requirement, protecting your company’s business secrets and proprietary data should be considered when a hard drive fails.

Here are some ways that these stored IT assets are costing your company money:

  • Chain of custody and inventory auditing costs continue as long as the asset is in storage
  • Each square foot of warehouse space holding failed equipment is a monthly cost.
  • Failed equipment is at high risk for employee theft, especially in long-term storage areas.
  • Equipment that is under warranty may lose its return value while waiting for manual data destruction.

Reducing The Risk Of Sensitive Data Breach

Not only does the practice of shipping failed equipment back to the manufacturer frequently put the data at risk, but shipping obsolete equipment for physical destruction is also a prime target for data theft. Why take these risks when your data can be destroyed on site with secure software solutions that permanently destroy the information before returning or scrapping?

How Much Can Your Business Save Using A Reliable Data Erasure Solution?

Drives may remain under warranty for an average of five years, but many businesses replace them after three years due to an increased likelihood of failure. For drives that fail while still under warranty, the financial gain of reclaiming that remaining value will likely offset the cost of replacement. Making use of a certified data erasure software for enterprise and business drive-returns not only recovers the value previously left on the table, but it reduces warehouse costs and the risk of protected data from escaping your chain of custody.

With estimated shipping costs per drive returned of approximately $10, and the value of equipment reducing only 25% a year,1 it is easy to see why using a solution like WipeDrive Enterprise will pay off for large and small businesses alike.

Choosing A Secure Data Erasure Solution For RMA Returns

WipeDrive is a reliable and compliant solution all for your drive erasure needs. With our solutions, you can wipe the drive of failed laptops or servers and return them without the worry of data theft along the way.

If your business is shipping failed drives back using free disk erasure software, your proprietary and customer data are not protected. Degaussing is unreliable, and physically destroyed drives cannot be returned under warranty. Recovering the value of failed IT assets and eliminating warehousing of obsolete equipment will turn your IT budget around faster than you may realize. Contact us at 801.224.8900 to find out more about how WipeDrive Software can help.

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