Remove the data, remove the risk! Securely & Permanently Erase Hard Drives With WipeDrive Enterprise.

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Top 10 Questions ITAD’s Ask

1: Why Does WipeDrive Enterprise Offer ITADs Freedom To Save Audit Trails To Any Location They Prefer?

A: WipeDrive Enterprise focuses on client access to all data. The software does not store log files in a proprietary system but allows users to setup the type of audit trail (PDF, XML, TXT, CSV, HTML or DB) and save it to any location they prefer. Clients can then provide these reports to internal departments for audits or to clients to show proof of erasure.
The implementation of Consoles and Management Systems can be cumbersome. WipeDrive Enterprise has followed the client’s recommendations and provides the freedom to save log files to any destination they prefer.

2: Why Are Low Cost Erasure Solutions Inferior To WipeDrive?

A: The cost of a license should be directly tied to the benefit and value of that software tool. There are erasure tools on the market that offer very low-cost unlimited use licenses. These tools are lacking in certifications and have extremely high failure rates on systems they process.
Providing a solution that fulfills these two requirements is expensive, thus a higher license cost. All our clients that have migrated from a low-cost/free tool have seen substantial gains from a less expensive processing system and increasing the throughput by higher compatibility matrix. We strongly caution against these low-cost tools – ITADs are very cost conscious and frugality in this area can lead to potential litigation and other major cost issues.

3: Can A Wipe Tool Help Us Save Costs By Improving Our Process?

A: ITADs have one goal, process a high volume of systems at a low cost and sell at a high margin. This may seem simple but when there are many different logistical options, the wrong selection may be made.
Since labor costs are hight for ITAD’s, WipeDrive Enterprise removes the manual reporting and management process. The simple plug and wipe process of WipeDrive in the PXE environment means one technician could wipe 200+ computers. Simple ERP and system integrations will align client requirements with WipeDrive’s delivery system, and this saves ITADs hours of manual labor. WipeDrive focuses on this as a key differentiator from any competitor.

4: How Quickly Should A Wipe Complete?

A: Storage media sizes vary from 250 GB to 16 TB. A full-featured erasure tool should be able to securely overwrite any device at 30-40 GB per minute. New flash media and encryption removal technology can make this process even faster. Be wary of low cost tools, they typically lack the drivers and ATA commands to quickly and efficiently erase any storage device.

5: Should Itads Use A Wipe Software Even When Clients Don’t Require It?

A: Clients require the best value from their 3rd party ITAD and will typically not require wiping to save on cost. ITADs should be wary of the legal liability they assume when an IT asset comes into their facility. The client’s IT assets may have PHI (Personal Health Information) or other regulated data that the client may not know is on the drive.
The ITAD is liable if that data is breached. We recommend securely wiping all IT assets with a certified erasure tool to limit an ITADs legal responsibility.

6: What’s New In The ITAD Wipe Market?

A: IoT devices will be the next wave of new systems entering the ITAD market. It is estimated that 20 million IoT devices will need to be remarketed by 2021.
WipeDrive is currently working on compatibility for many IoT devices so that ITADs can resell these devices.

7: How Many Times Should An ITAD Wipe A Computer?

A: According to NIST SP 880-88 R1, a single overwrite with ATA commands and a 10% verify will satisfy the requirements for a secure overwrite pattern.

8: Do ITADs Need To Verify Erasures?

A: ITADs should consistently be checking drive wipe results to ensure that data erasure tools are functioning correctly on new hardware. e-Stewards certification and other certification bodies require a 3rd party verification that the data erasure tool has performed as required on a percentage of processed drives.
Most data erasure tools also verify overwrite patterns for other solutions so having two data wipe solutions would be beneficial.

9: How Many Times Should An ITAD Wipe A Phone?

A: Mobile devices contain proprietary software to manage the memory allocation. It is recommended that phones and tablets be securely erased with the NIST SP 880-88 R1 overwrite pattern or the similar CESG pattern. WipeDrive Mobile will securely erase mobile devices and remove the encryption key as part of the WipeDrive patented erasure process.

10: How long should an ITAD Store Audit Reports?

A: Audit reports should be stored a minimum of seven (7) years or as otherwise stipulated by the client’s or government regulators.

BONUS: Which ERP System Should An ITAD Use?

A: ERP systems assist ITADs with managing their inventory and typically integrate into online sales platforms; i.e. eBay, Amazon, WalMart, etc. These ERP tools will streamline an ITADs process logistics in purchasing, wiping, refurbishing and reselling inventory. WipeDrive is integrated into the Makor Solutions, Cyclutions, Navision, and IQ Resellers solutions and we recommend these partners.

BONUS: Should ITADs iMplement Two Deletion Solutions To Cover Corner Cases And Verification Requirements?

A: ITADs that process a wide variety of hardware will find that data erasure tools don’t work on all equipment. It is extremely valuable to have more than one data erasure tool for these corner cases.

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