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Wiping Different Operating Systems

Wiping Different Operating Systems

No matter which operating systems you use in your business or home, data erasure software is arguably the best method to ensure that your valuable information cannot be restored or reconstructed—but which data destruction method is best for the OS you are using?

Any disk wipe software can perform a simple drive wipe, but using a solution that meets the rigorous standards of government agencies and international protocols will make your data irretrievable. WipeDrive Software’s disk wipe products securely erase data, on scales that range from home use to enterprise-level solutions.

Certified Data Erasure Software For All Types Of Operating Systems

There are both hardware and software considerations when you choose secure data erasure software for your home or business. Many large businesses are still using physical data destruction as a costly solution to data erasure, but using a data destruction program is more cost-effective.

The WipeDrive  is compatible with all of these common computer operating systems:

  • Computers with an x86 architecture
  • All versions of Microsoft® Windows®
  • Any newer versions of Mac (starting with OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard)
  • All the various flavors of Linux

Mobile Data Security With Secure Remote Access

Secure solutions are available at any scale to achieve regulatory compliance in almost any industry. There are secure programs which support:

  • Private data centers
  • Co-location services
  • 3rd party cloud providers
  • End of lifecycle protocols
  • Active file structures
  • Virtual machines
  • Logical storage area networks

Which Program Meets Your Data Erasure Needs?

Sometimes the entire operating system and all data need to be removed, but there are many levels of data security management and disk wipe which can be achieved with professional data destruction software. Some of these include:

  • Programs like SystemSaver which wipe personal data, including browser data, meeting U.S. Department of Defense specifications while preserving the operating system. This technology allows computers to be repurposed with no risk of unauthorized access to old data.
  • Complete disk drive wiping methods, especially WipeDrive software, which uses a 3-pass system of wiping to render data unrecoverable. Certified by the NSA and meeting DOD 5220.22-m requirements makes WipeDrive the wipe software of choice for government agencies.
  • Solutions for mobile devices and those which use an SD card for data storage, protecting company resources like cell phones, tablets, and flash drives.

Choosing The Best Data Erasure Software For Your System

Even if your organization or enterprise uses a combination of operating systems or stand-alone networks, there is a drive eraser software available to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and internal security protocols each time, every time.

By achieving certification from most major agencies and meeting the highest standards for international data management governing bodies, working with an industry leader like WipeDrive Software will ensure you implement the right solution the first time. Contact us at 801.224.8900 today for a comprehensive and customized solution to your data security needs.

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