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A Case for Remote Wipe with Steve Mellings

Steve Mellings of ADISA joins us once more on the podcast. Today we make a case for remote wiping of data. Especially in an era of COVID when entire offices are working remote, many security risk were accepted in order to just get the job done. Now with a little more experience behind us, we are faced with dealing with additional challenges of the home office environment. Whether it is from a logistics standpoint, or the data security risk, corporations, ITADs, ITAM, and small businesses have new challenges to face. One of those risks is ‘data in transit’. When devices being used in a remote office environment need to be replaced or become obsolete, how do you make sure the data is securely removed. Waiting until a device can be physically collected increases the risk of it being lost or stolen. The same risk applies to transporting that device. Is it being brought in by a trusted employee, shipped through the mail or picked up by a courier service. Every hand that touches the device, and every additional day in delay increase the risk of a data leak. What’s the solution? Wipe the device at the source as soon as it becomes obsolete.

Listen in as Nathan and Steve go in depth on the subject of remote wipe.