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Data Management Podcast – Data Privacy for SMEs with Solace Awumee

Today on the podcast Solace Awumee joins us to discuss Data Privacy and Compliance for Small and Mid-size Enterprises. Solace brings years of experience to the conversation.

Listen in to get expert tips on how to get your business (and yourself) in to a better compliance.

“Data discovery is such and important exercise for every company to go through. You need to know where that data is before you protect that data. Then we can move into how do we actually protect this data.” -Solace Awumee Solace Awumee is a results driven Data Privacy and Compliance Attorney with over 7 years combined experience in Law and IT Compliance and Risk Management practices during corporate structuring and organizational transformations. Her primary role includes providing organizational, legal, and Information Technology guidance to both domestic and foreign companies by developing and improving organizational capabilities such as contracts, policies, and other business documents and processes. Her knowledge of USCIS regulations, NAIC Model Laws, Security Standards, Privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA and newly adopted privacy laws and skill in negotiations enables her to provide all rounded legal advice to any business or organization. Complemented with a J.D from Florida Coastal School of Law, M.B.A from Jacksonville University, and a CDPSE certificate from ISACA, Solace is excited to provide your organization and team with the right legal counsel to ensure your business success.