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GDPR With Mark Huffman

We hear quite a bit about it over here in the US, but obviously it’s got a much bigger impact on them over there, and that’s GDPR. What does this law actually mean? What is required? We’re not going to go through anything broad on this. We want to focus on what we care about, which is data erasure. What do we do? What are we doing with our old laptops, desktops, servers? What are we legally required to do? How are we required to be processing this type of equipment? And Mark is an expert on this. And I’m actually excited to learn more about this, because even though it doesn’t necessarily apply to us. But those of us that are in organizations that span both sides of the Atlantic, this is something that’s going to be more and more important. And like a lot of laws that sometimes Europe will follow the US, the US will follow Europe. So we never know who’s going to be influencing who. So it’s good for all of us to have an understanding of what GDPR requires. What’s going to be critical to you and your job. So welcome to the podcast, Mark Huffman.

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