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Data Management Podcast – Monetizing your Data with Jeff Bermant

In this episode Jeff Bermant of Cocoon MDR joins the podcast to talk about data management and data security. We have a misconception that the internet is free. It’s not really free, it costs you your data. We need to beware of who is getting our data and what they are doing with it. Cocoon MDR was born of the idea that the user should own their own data, and they should be the one to profit from it. Internet browsers and companies have been monetizing your data for years. How can the consumer profit instead?

Hackers are using every avenue at their disposal to attempt to get personal data and mount an attack. Phone calls, phishing emails, even traditional snail mail is still being used. These attacks are bothersome for individuals and can be a huge headache for corporations that get attacked. Governments are starting to enact tougher laws to help protect your data, but is it enough?