Remove the data, remove the risk! Securely & Permanently Erase Hard Drives With WipeDrive Enterprise.

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Privacy Please Podcast

Protect Your Sensitive And Privacy Information On Reuse, Recycled, And Donated Devices.

Listen in when our CEO Paul Katzoff joins the podcast Privacy Please for a conversation about how the current pandemic is affecting the way we work, and the way our children learn. All these changes in our normal routines has brought information security to the forefront. How does working from home change the way we approach our data security when those work computers go home? And how do we handle them when they come back? What about all those laptops headed home with students? How can a software wiping tool like WipeDrive help? Is this something that individuals need to worry about or is it only a concern for big corporations? Take a listen to hear them discuss all these issues and more.