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The Business Credit & Financing Show

Protection And Destruction Of Data

The Business Credit & Financing Show interviews Nathan Jones, who shares how to properly wipe electronic devices such as computers and smart devices so criminals don’t steal and misuse your company or personal information.

During the show we discussed:

  • Data Leakage
  • How hackers use data
  • Best ways to protect data
  • Mistakes business owners make when getting rid of old computers
  • Wrong ways people get rid of their electronics
  • What NSA recommends to do with old electronics
  • Why is it bad to improperly discard old electronics
  • Data persistence/remanence
  • How data persistence harm businesses
  • Eliminating remnant data
  • Methods to permanently erase data
  • How to 100% wipe your data before getting rid of a device
  • Plugging a tool into your USB to completely wipe hard drive
  • Electronics to wiped before getting rid of it
  • Wiping your smart device before getting rid of it
  • The necessity of data destruction
  • Data destruction tools

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