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The CISO Talks Podcast

How Covid-19 Changed Cybersecurity

“Corporation have been spending millions of dollars to protect their corporate networks and then, all of a sudden in 2-3 weeks, you have 95% of your workforce working remote from their home WIFI networks. Some from home devices, some didn’t have work devices that they got assigned. So now you got to have these employees working from home. They are accessing your data from VPN tunnels and possibly saving your corporate data to their personal devices that aren’t necessarily protected in the same way that your work network had been. Now your data is out there. So, for Data Security Officers, there is a concern that this is going to come back and bite them. The move happened really quickly, and business went on, but there is this vulnerability out there now, and there are a lot of data security professional out there working hard to fix those.”

CISO Talks is a weekly show / podcast which is tailored for CISOs and I.T. professionals but can also appeal to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity. We discuss a number of topics regarding the CISO and I.T. professional role and how certain scenarios, changes and trends are shaping the role(s) as well as the cybersecurity industry.