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We want you to have the information you need to keep your data secure at all times, and so we have created a library of useful articles that will help you understand the process and your options. New articles are added every month.

The world of data security is always evolving. To help you keep up on the latest development, we have complied a variety of white papers that our customers have found helpful in their decision making processes.

Browse through our video library. We have quick walk-throughs of different software offerings to help you get started, in-depth explanation of particular options, and full webinars on some important issues to consider in data erasure. 

We are dedicated to providing you the best possible data erasure solution. Read how we have helped these companies in substantial ways to make their process, more secure, more efficient and improve their bottom line. 

Listen to the WipeDrive podcast where Wipedrive’s VP of Sales, Nathan Jones, discusses issues and developments which are at the cutting edge of Data Security and Technology. Here you can also find other tech-related podcasts in which we take part as a guest speaker.

vs. compliance

There is a significant difference between software claiming to comply with standards and the National Security Agency (NSA) actually certifying compliance. We don’t believe our customers should have to verify that our software does what we claim, so we are Certified to EAL 2+. Our software was designed with our most risk-adverse customers’ input to create a disk wiping tool that is highly efficient and provides the greatest security available.

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Most of our customers use our enterprise solution, but we offer a variety of other solutions that can be adapted to meet your needs (including custom builds). If you aren’t sure what kind of solution you’re looking for, you can contact us directly at 801.224.2592 to discuss your needs or explore our solutions list.