Enterprise Solutions

Global enterprises require a mature, integrated erasure solution to achieve their internal data security policies, architecture, deployment  and compliance needs. WipeDrive is implemented by 44 of the Fortune 100 globally and is run on millions of drives each year. We understand global corporations requirements, from multiple deployment options, global reporting and device compatibility to NIST 800-88r-1 and DoD 5220.22-M compliance. 

ITAD Solutions

ITADs and computer refurbishers are held to the highest standards of data security, which is why they choose WipeDrive. WipeDrive is certified to Common Criteria EAL 2+ and ADISA CUPA standards. In addition, WipeDrive is NIST 800:88 compliant and meets or exceeds all major certifications and standards, including HIPAA and FiServ.

Data Center Solutions

Data Centers around the globe have approved software-based sanitization for SSDs. WipeDrive is compliant with NIST 800:88 regulations and is designed to provide multiple deployment options for data centers. WipeDrive, in tandem with the FlexStation, can strategically process thousands of drives at any location while decreasing labor interactions and simplifying reporting.

Pawn Solutions

SystemSaver Pawn Edition allows you to appraise computers before you lend against it, permanently erase all borrower data while leaving the operating system and programs intact and display to customers with a custom background image, what they’re buying, all with one easy-to-use interface. For 10 years, SystemSaver Pawn has helped pawn stores price computers for purchase and prepare computers for resale at a fraction of the time and cost.

Small Business Solutions

Small businesses need to protect their data. The cost of litigation or a data breach could be catastrophic. The WipeDrive Small Business is perfect for organizations that process smaller volumes of devices annually. This license provides the NIST 800:88 overwrite pattern and the  same wiping technology used by the Department of Homeland Security, at a reasonable cost.  Your initial purchase comes with licenses to wipe 20 hard drives and more can be purchased as needed.

Home Solutions

Before you sell, donate or dispose of your personal computer, protect yourself with WipeDrive Home. WipeDrive Home completely erases ALL data on laptops or desktops, USB drives, and external drives. Ensuring your personal data, programs, viruses and malware are securely erased. Using WipeDrive’s NIST 800:88 compliant wiping technology your data will be impossible to recover even with enterprise forensic tools.

Reseller Solutions

WipeDrive has worked closely with partners and resellers for over two decades.  Whether you are a partner, VAR, Channel member or reseller, we provide clear, constant communication.
If you are a customer looking to purchase through Insight, SHI, Softchoice, Zones, TechData or any of the other 150 resellers WipeDrive partners with, we will ensure fast quotes, and reliable communication to assist with the buying process.


For over 20 years our customers have been raving about WipeDrive.

Data security has become the focus of corporations, small businesses, and the general public, but it’s been WipeDrive’s focus for over two decades.

Our experience and maturity in the industry will help any organization skip costly errors, streamline data erasure processes and reduce overhead costs.