White Papers

The world of data security is always evolving. To help you keep up on the latest development, we have complied a variety of white papers that our customers have found helpful in their decision making processes.

WipeDrive – Secure, Versatile, Permanent. Permanently remove data, making any data recovery impossible.

What is Data Lifecycle Management?

Download Report Data is gathered and stored by organizations for their internal purposes. Data will either remain in the organization’s databases to

5 Things You Need To Know About Cybersecurity

You can PREVENT most Data Breaches. Basic cybersecurity protection measures will prevent most attacks. The cybercriminals are looking for easy prey. Just like a locked door will typically dissuade…

Data Vulnerability: Stages and Protections

When there is a weakness or error in a system’s code that could be exploited by a cyber-attack, it is known as a data vulnerability. An exploited vulnerability can allow attackers to steal confidential data…

NIST 800.53 Media Sanitization

The evolution of media storage and use in organizations has grown exponentially and will continue to be a component of federal information systems. Media storage is low cost, easy to transfer data and is the…

7 Security Gaps You May Have Missed

Introduction Disposal of drives and other data-bearing hardware is a necessary but often neglected part of every organization’s IT lifecycle. However, many

Physical Destruction

Physical Destruction Of Data

The hardware assets leaving your organization can be a security risk – even after they’re discarded. Cyber criminals have gone to great lengths to access storage media, even going through landfills…

Data Storage On The Cloud

Data Storage On The Cloud The cloud is becoming more than a trendy solution for data storage. In many cases it is

GDPR Changes And IT Asset Retirement

Overview The world’s strictest data protection regulations have recently gone in to effect. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) newest updates aim to

5 Security Holes You May Have Missed

Retiring hard drives and other storage hardware is a necessary but often neglected part of every corporate data security plan. However, many

Crypto Erase And Data Erasure

Disk Encryption & Cryptographic Key Erasure Encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only