We take data sanitization seriously and we want to make sure you are getting the best value out of your WipeDrive purchase. To that end, WipeDrive offers several services to help your company best utilize all that WipeDrive has to offer. Whether you take advantage of one service or all of them, we are confident it will add to your company’s success and security.

WipeDrive – Secure, Versatile, Permanent. Permanently remove data, making any data recovery impossible.

WipeDrive Services

Customer requirements may determine a feature or compatibility addition to the WipeDrive® product. For this need we offer professional services to discover the workload, resources and cost to deliver this feature. Our Professional Service (PS) Team will work closely with SOWs, custom requirements and your team to ensure quick and effective delivery. Combined with our WipeDrive Support Team, the WipeDrive Professional Services Team takes a personalized approach to the design of custom implementations for your unique architecture.

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WipeDrive has quickly become the erasure standard for thousands of data center infrastructures and ITAD environments around the world. The pervasiveness of WipeDrive software has created substantial demand for WipeDrive experts and service and consulting professionals for new implementations and complex ITAD and data center transformation projects.

The WipeDrive certification program provides WipeDrive customers with service-level assurances and top-quality consulting engagements. Today WipeDrive offers a WipeDrive Certified Engineer (WDCE) designation that proves substantial expertise and real-world knowledge of the WipeDrive platform. And a WipeDrive Certified Organization (WDCO) designation that proves best practices and correct implementation of the WipeDrive platform.

WipeDrive Certified Engineers (WDCEs)

WipeDrive Certified Engineers (WDCEs) can help optimize and increase the value and effectiveness of WipeDrive software for any customer. To engage the certified WipeDrive services organization or WDCE partner organization, please contact us at [email protected].

To become a WipeDrive Certified Engineer, a candidate must:

  • Have demonstrable real-world experience with WipeDrive
  • Complete Official WipeDrive training courses:
    • WipeDrive Administration I
    • WipeDrive Administration II
  • Pass the WDCE exam

Course Offerings

WipeDrive Enterprise Administration I

WipeDrive Enterprise Administration II

  • Course Information
  • Schedule: Client approved dates
  • Format: 4 – 2 hour sessions
  • Prerequisites: Admin I
  • Take the WDCE exam

Exam Topics

The exam includes questions related to the following WipeDrive topics:

Common WipeDrive implementation modulesUsage and knowledge of modules like standalone, PXE and remote
Common WipeDrive setting modulesUsage and knowledge of setting modules, including reporting types, locations and content
Using WipeDrive remotelyHow to implement WipeDrive remotely in PSexec and ActiveDirectory ecosystems
Using WipeDrive reportingReport storage, matching and manipulation with the WipeDrive db subsystem
Command line usageRunning WipeDrive commands from the CLI
WipeDrive configurationConfiguration parameters for WipeDrive
WipeDrive advanced settingsUsage and knowledge of WipeDrive advanced features
WipeDrive securityEncryption, report transport and privacy of data within WipeDrive

The WDCE exam is scheduled with the Training office. After registration, you will receive an email containing instructions the day prior to the exam.

The WDCE exam is timed at one hour, is open-book and Internet but not open friend and includes 80 questions randomly pulled from a list of hundreds.

WipeDrive Certified Organizations (WDCOs)

WipeDrive Certified Organizations (WDCOs) provide their clientele with certified erasure and reporting processes that are industry standard and sustainable. To engage the certified WipeDrive services organization or WDCO training organization, please contact us at [email protected].

To become a WipeDrive Certified Organization, an organization must:

  • Demonstrate proper implementation of WipeDrive feature set and reporting
  • Complete User Training for all technical staff
  • One Engineer receive WipeDrive Administration I within 1 year of certification
  • One Engineer pass the WDCE exam within 1 year of certification

WipeDrive Corporate Certification

  • Schedule: Client approved dates
  • Format: 2 half-day sessions

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Get access to official WipeDrive® education offerings through instructor-led training offered on-site, virtually, or at WipeDrive headquarters in American Fork, UT. Official WipeDrive training helps increase the value and effectiveness of WipeDrive software for any customer and is a prerequisite for coveted WipeDrive Certified Engineer (WDCE) status. Learn more about the certification and the exam at WipeDrive Certification.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

Official WipeDrive training classes provide an immersive WipeDrive education from beginning to end. Be trained by a WipeDrive Certified Trainer (WDCT) at your convenience. The virtual training is 3 hours for 2 attendees.

Onsite Training

Onsite WipeDrive training is built for larger teams and provides a bespoke learning environment for companies implementing WipeDrive for the first time or extending WipeDrive to new projects.

A WipeDrive Certified Trainer (WDCT) will be on site at a location of your choosing. Training will be 3 hours for 5 attendees.

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Hit the ground running with our Implementation Services Team. Whether you are a corporation with remote wiping needs, a medium-sized business with standalone requirements or an ITAD with thousands of systems to securely wipe; our Team will ensure you employ industry best practices and avoid the pitfalls of new setup and installs. We will help you customize the implementation for your organization's unique infrastructure. We are happy to offer both Onsite and Remote Implementation Services to best serve our clients.

Remote Implementation

An Implementation Technician is solely assigned to your organization for a 3 hour block. During this time the tech will take you through the setup and install of the software via video-chat and phone. The tech will also provide all customized builds and provide best practice suggestions.

Cost: $300.00 USD

Onsite Implementation

Onsite implementation is recommended for larger or complicated operations. A WipeDrive Certified Engineer (WDCE) will be on site to guide you through your implementation process. The WDCE will also have access to the WipeDrive Engineering Team for customized builds.

Cost: $1,000.00 USD per day + Flight & Lodging

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